Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Do You Connect the Dots?

Tonight I read about the the Extreme Makeover - School Edition where the school district highlighted won the 2009 Sylvia Charp Award for District Innovation in Technology. What struck me the most about what this district did was it's focus on "technology as the foundation for a whole new instructional program." Simple, yet not really. Their focus was based on well researched pillars of instruction. In Glen Cove School District the purpose of technology was to "inspire students, feed curiosity, stimulate critical thinking and problem solving and facilitate communication."

They connected to NETS and 21st Century Learning and worked for seamless integration through the lens of instruction. Curriculum, Assessment and Technology connected...there has to be some kind of line, straight, triangular, spiral, wiggly...I can't figure out any way to actually, literally connect the dots without a line to show the connection between the two. Can you?

Maybe seamless integration really can only occur through explicitly drawn connections.

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