Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Again, a bit since I've blogged! Ok, two months' isn't really a bit and I have been in transition from one job to another. Now that I am settled, consistency should fall into place. I am finding a routine and time to revisit the blogosphere that I have neglected. I realized I missed the K-12 Online Conference. Yikes! Luckily David Warlick's keynote is still on the site and I have download it to watch when I don't have time (have to say that these days as who really has time???).

I have also come to see that you have to be careful not to confuse pre-conceived notions about how an organization is with how it really is! Additionally, in my new position I have the opportunity to work with Ray Jorgensen and the ideas surrounding Conversational Leadership. Great stuff for someone coming new to an organization and looking for ways to structure conversation and think about systems and how they function.

As I transition, so do the people who work for me and I am hoping that along with me, they can suspend certainty (one of the principles of the learning conversation) as we move forward to develop a vision for technology...keeping in mind my theme for this blog of changing the discussion...from technology to pedagogy.